5 Things Your Slip and Fall Attorney Should Ask For

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5 Things Your Slip and Fall Attorney Should Ask ForWhen you slip and fall, you may well injure more than your pride. However, don’t let embarrassment keep you from protecting your rights, getting help for your injuries, and getting the compensation you deserve. A key part of that is taking the appropriate steps right after your accident, and then getting an attorney who knows what to ask for, and how to get you the best settlement.

What to Do After a Slip and Fall Incident

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, regardless of weather or other conditions. Buildings, homes, parking lots, and walking areas must maintain a level of safety for those who walk there.The first thing to do after a slip and fall accident is to seek medical help. Don’t decline out of pride or hurry. If you decline medical help at the scene or say something like, “I’m fine,” you may limit your ability to be compensated for your injuries. Be sure to be checked specifically for neck, spine, and back injuries, as those symptoms may not show up for days or weeks after the accident.Secondly, report the fall to those in charge of the space. In a store, this would be a manager. In a private home or sidewalk, it would be the homeowner. You may need to talk to a landlord. It all depends on who’s in charge of the property. Third, stay calm and take photos if possible. Most people carry cell phones that allow them to take pictures anywhere. Document the scene, any possible causes of the fall, and any signage there might be warning of danger. Also, gather contact information from any witnesses.Finally, contact a capable slip and fall attorney. If your attorney knows what to ask for, you know you’ve found one who can do the best at securing you the compensation you deserve.

5 Things Your Slip and Fall Attorney Should Ask For

Not every injury attorney is practiced in Phoenix slip and fall cases, so you should carefully interview before you hire someone. Here are five things they should ask for. If they don’t, move on!

  • An Explanation of the Event. First of all, any good Phoenix slip and fall attorney will want your side of the story. They will ask you to carefully explain the event, including the time of day, number of people nearby, and physical circumstances.
  • Pictures of the Site From All Angles. A picture is worth a thousand words, especially in a liability case. If you were able to take pictures, provide them to your attorney. If not, the attorney should express interest in immediately going to the scene and having photographs taken. Pictures from the time of the accident are more powerful, however, as they can prove that dangerous conditions or lack of signage existed at the time.
  • Names and Contact Information of Witnesses. A competent Phoenix slip and fall attorney should ask for the contact information of any witnesses at the scene, and express intention to contact them right away. The more time that passes, the more that memory fades. If an attorney seems disinterested in your witness information, you need a different person.
  • Property Manager’s Report. When you report your slip and fall incident to the property manager, they should have filled out paperwork about the incident. This will describe the facts of the case and give the property owner’s perspective. A good Phoenix slip and fall attorney will ask for this information.
  • Medical Records. Finally, a good slip and fall attorney will ask for all the medical records from your injuries at the time of the fall. This includes existing physical problems that were made worse from the fall. With this information, your Phoenix slip and fall attorney can take a stand for your rights and get you the compensation you deserve.

A slip and fall in a public place can be embarrassing, but don’t let that stop you from taking proper steps to protect your rights and get appropriate compensation. Take steps to get medical attention and document the event and witnesses at the scene, and the be sure to hire a Phoenix slip and fall attorney who knows what to ask for.If you have questions about your legal right in a slip and fall incident, give me a call at 480-899-1025 today. I’ll look over your case and all relevant information, and let you know what your next steps can be. Contact me today!