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We buy insurance to protect us when an unexpected event like a traffic accident or medical emergency occurs. Normally, we count on our insurers to pay our claims, especially after we have spent our hard-earned money on insurance premiums. When  legitimate claims are denied, it is wise to consult an bad faith insurance claims lawyer with experience. Allen & Associates is the leading law firm that  handles insurance disputes. Our expert legal team can help you explore your options. You may be the victim of insurance bad faith. Insurance disputes require the attention of a lawyer who not only knows the law, but also has the experience needed to understand insurance policies. Our experts carefully read insurance policies and probe the insurer’s practices when it comes to handling claims in Arizona. If you feel that you have been denied for a legitimate insurance claim, speak to the trusted bad faith insurance claims lawyer near you by calling Allen & Associates at (480) 899-1025 today.

Bad Faith Insurance Claims Lawyer Arizona

What are Bad Faith Insurance Claims?

In the United States, most states and cities have laws that compel insurance companies to deal fairly with their customers. Laws vary from state to state, and there are minimal federal guidelines governing insurance companies in this area. Insurance companies have an obligation to act in good faith. In other words, when a person purchases insurance from an insurance carrier, he or she is also purchasing an agreement. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always stick to those agreements. Sometimes, legitimate insurance claims are delayed, denied or unfairly minimized in bad faith. It can be helpful to view such claims as a breach of contract between insurance company and insured person. Bad faith insurance claims lawyer Jamal F. Allen handles insurance bad faith claims involving all types of insurance, including:

  • Automobile insurance
  • Medical coverage
  • Homeowners insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Uninsured motorists claims
  • Underinsured motorists claims
  • Personal injury settlements

Since 1996, the law firm of Allen & Associates has been representing clients in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area of Arizona. Before starting his own firm, senior attorney Jamal F. Allen worked for a law office that specialized in defending insurance companies from claims. Because of this experience, he is uniquely prepared to help clients with bad faith insurance claims.

I Think I Have a Bad Faith Insurance Claim. Can You Help?

At Allen & Associates, the answer is YES. We have worked with thousands of clients in the Phoenix metro area for over 20 years. In that time, we have represented hundreds of people who were the victims of bad faith insurance claims.

If you have filed what you believe is a legitimate insurance claim and have been denied or delayed for any reason, you may wonder if you have a case. Our bad faith insurance claims lawyer services are designed to help people recover damages from insurers. We know that our clients may have many questions and concerns, including:

  • What are my legal rights?
  • How can my insurance company do this to me?
  • How will I pay for my claim without insurance coverage?
  • Do I have a case?
  • Is there an experienced bad faith insurance claims lawyer near me?

The first action is to help our clients determine if they have a bad faith insurance claim. Insurance policies are very complex, and it takes an experienced attorney to understand what the coverage is and how state and local laws apply to that coverage. Insurance companies, in general, honor their agreements with their customers. However, misunderstandings about coverage can lead to delays or denials of claims.

If we believe you DO have a case, we get to work quickly to provide our expert legal representation. If payment on your insurance claim has been unduly delayed or unfairly denied, we can help. Our legal experts investigate the reasons behind the delay or denial. Because of our experience in the insurance field, we to to propel the insurance company into action. If you believe your insurance claim was unjustly denied or the amount offered is substantially below the true value of the claim, we will conduct a thorough investigation to determine if the insurer has breached its contract or is not acting in good faith.We will consider the language of the policy, the circumstances of your case, Arizona contract law and other statutes such as the Arizona Unfair Practices and Frauds Act as we evaluate and assert your claim.

What Does a Bad Faith Insurance Claims Lawyer Do?

There are many aspects to providing legal representation as a bad faith insurance claims lawyer. At Allen & Associates, our firm has been helping residents in and around the city of Phoenix since 1996. Our primary role is to represent our clients in a variety of personal injury cases. Bad faith insurance claims can have a devastating impact on one’s life, causing them to worry about unpaid medical bills, loss of income, and loss of property. Our legal team provides expert representation, but we also provide legal advice. We are able to answer any questions that may arise during your case. Our strong client advocacy has made us the most trusted choice for bad faith insurance claims lawyer services in the state of Arizona.

We provide expert representation through all phases of a bad faith insurance claims case, including:

  • Working with insurance companies to minimize delays in claims payment
  • Courtroom trials
  • Damage award hearings
  • Case settlements
  • Appeals

Insurance companies often try to avoid a courtroom trial. In many cases, we are able to reach settlements between our clients and their insurers. Our goal is to help you recover any financial damages you are entitled to as a result of your bad faith claim. The law firm of Allen & Associates has a long track record of success, both inside and out of the courtroom.

Why Choose Allen & Associates?

So many people in the greater Phoenix metro area of Arizona have relied on the expert bad faith insurance claims lawyer services we offer. Allen & Associates has worked with residents of many communities in our area, including Queen Creek, Goodyear, Glendale, Tempe, Surprise, Gilbert, and Scottsdale. When we say “We Fight For You”, that means we will do everything in our power to help you win your case against an insurer acting in bad faith.

We believe our clients deserve the very best in representation and legal advice. And, we believe that each client deserves personalized attention. Every case is different, and each client is represented to the very highest standards. Our commitment to client care has made us the leading bad faith insurance claims lawyer in the state of Arizona.

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If you believe you or a loved one may have been the victim of insurance bad faith, you may know that you need professional legal advice. The legal team at Allen & Associates stands ready to help. We are the leading bad faith insurance claims lawyer in Arizona. Since 1996, we have represented thousands of clients in personal injury cases of all types. Call the law firm of Allen & Associates today at (480) 899-1025 to speak with one of our representatives. We can help you determine whether or not you have a case, and how to proceed if you do. We are proud offer free, no-obligation initial consultations. Don’t wait another minute; for bad faith insurance claims, call the experts at Allen & Associates.