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For over 20 years, the experienced bribery attorney services by Allen & Associates have been chosen by thousands of clients. We first established our law firm in 1996, assembling a team of legal experts who are here to help you with the most aggressive criminal defense representation available. We have served the people of Arizona with expert legal representation and advice since then. Charges of bribery and public corruption are very serious. Being charged with one of these crimes can dramatically impact your professional career, your rights, and your freedom. If you have found yourself charged with or accused of a public corruption crime, it is critical that you speak to the most trusted bribery attorney near you today by calling Allen & Associates at (480) 899-1025.

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What is Bribery?

As the leading bribery attorney in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area of Arizona, Allen & Associates has worked with many cases over the years. We know that many people wonder what bribery is.

Bribery is a crime that falls under the broad category of White Collar Crimes. This category of criminal activity includes public corruption. Bribery is defined as the act of giving money or other incentives of value in exchange for a certain action or behavior. In other words, bribery can occur when someone tries to gain influence over someone else’s actions by the use of money or something else of value.

A great example is that of a public official who takes money from someone to vote a certain way or to agree to some other act that he or she wouldn’t do otherwise. Recent examples in the media include:

  • A corporation that bribed government officials in order to win a contract for a natural gas production facility.
  • Another corporation that gained an exclusive contract to make products by paying a country’s president over $16 million in bribe money.
  • A local government administrator who arranged for a favorable business environment for one of his friends. He received monetary kickbacks from the business.
  • A road construction company that bribed county government officials in order to secure a lucrative contract ahead of its competitors.

Business owners, public officials, and everyday individuals have all been the targets of bribery in the Phoenix area. Being charged with bribery can mean facing both state and Federal charges, depending on the circumstances behind the case. It takes an experienced bribery attorney to provide a robust criminal defense. Senior attorney Jamal F. Allen and our team of legal professionals have many years of experience handling these cases. As a federal bribery lawyer service, we know what it takes to succeed both in and out of the courtroom.

I Have Been Charged with a Public Corruption Crime. Can Allen & Associates Help?

At Allen & Associates, we have worked as the premier bribery attorney in the greater Phoenix area for over 20 years. Our attorneys have represented thousands of clients in criminal defense cases, including bribery and public corruption. We know that if you have been charged with one of these crimes, you are sure to have many questions, such as:

  • What are my legal rights?
  • Can I go to prison if convicted?
  • What does this mean for the future of my business?
  • Can you help me win a case?

Our legal experts understand that bribery charges are extremely serious. If a person is convicted of bribery, penalties may include steep fines, prison time, and the loss of professional licensing or certification. Our goal at Allen & Associates is to keep our clients out of jail. We work hard to preserve your freedom and protect your rights throughout any case. When you need it most, the experienced law professionals at Allen & Associates are the right choice for bribery attorney services in the state of Arizona.

What Does a Bribery Attorney Do?

By representing clients charged with serious public corruption crimes, the legal team at Allen & Associates has many duties. We are the most trusted bribery attorney in our area for a reason: when we say “We Fight For You”, we mean it.

It all begins with our personalized approach to our clients. When someone comes to our firm for legal help, they have many questions and concerns. We take the time to address those concerns, giving our clients the peace of mind that we are there for them. Next, we learn the facts behind the case in order to prepare a solid criminal defense. Our bribery attorney services extend far beyond the courtroom; in fact, many bribery cases never see the inside of a courtroom. We will represent you through all phases of a bribery or public corruption case, including:

  • Law enforcement investigations
  • Pre-trial hearings
  • Settlement hearings
  • Courtroom proceedings
  • Penalty hearings
  • Appeals

When you hire Allen & Associates for your legal needs, you’re getting over 40 years of combined experience. Before entering private practice, attorney Jamal Allen worked as a Prosecutor for the Maricopa County court system. He has the skill and the experience to understand the various laws that may apply to bribery cases.  Our legal staff has similar experience, giving us an edge over other law firms in our area.

It is critical that we prepare an aggressive criminal defense for you if you have been accused of or charged with a bribery offense. We also understand that sometimes, public officials or business owners are wrongfully accused of crimes. We know that your professional reputation can depend on clearing your name. Regardless of the case, we ensure our clients get the best advice and legal representation available in the state of Arizona.

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For over 20 years, the bribery attorney services at Allen & Associates have helped thousands of clients in the Phoenix area of Arizona. We have worked with residents from the communities of Gilbert, Scottsdale, Queen Creek, Surprise, and Glendale, among many others in our region of the state. Bribery charges and accusations of public corruption can damage your reputation, affect your rights, and impact your future. If you have found yourself wondering, “is there a bribery attorney near me?”, then Allen & Associates is the perfect choice. Our bribery attorney services can help protect your rights and freedoms. Call our law firm today to speak to one of our legal representatives by dialing (480) 899-1025.