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Being charged with a crime is a very stressful event. Whether you were expecting the charge or not, all of a sudden, you are thrust into the court system and forced to defend yourself against laws that can be quite confusing for people without a legal background. One of the most important things you must do to protect yourself in this situation is contact a criminal defense firm.Jamal F. Allen is an attorney who specialized in several fields including criminal defense law. If you are scheduled for court, you need to have a lawyer who knows your rights and obligations and can help you get the best results. As an experienced Gilbert DUI attorney, and a litigator who has handled numerous other types of criminal defenses, Jamal F. Allen will be a good representative for you in the judicial system.As soon as you have been charged, contact Jamal F. Allen’s criminal defense firm at 480-899-1025 for a free consultation. This will get your defense started, allowing your Gilbert DUI attorney or criminal defense lawyer to get the details of your case and start investigating potential defenses.Defendants have the option of pleading guilty, not guilty, or no contest to charges. Each of these pleas mean different things and result in different scenarios, all of which Jamal F. Allen and his criminal defense firm can explore with you.Your attorney will be with you during your pre-trial conference and trial if you have one, and sentencing. Jamal F. Allen also handles felony cases, meaning he will assist you through the pre-preliminary hearing, preliminary hearing, pre-trial conference, trial, and sentencing. If you are charged with a felony it is even more important to obtain the services of an experienced criminal defense lawyer, as this type of offense has serious consequences.Hiring a criminal defense firm is the best choice to protect yourself, whether you think you are guilty of a crime or not. As soon as you are charged, make it a priority to contact a Gilbert DUI attorney or other appropriate lawyer. There is no reason to go through the legal system alone, and doing so can have terrible consequences. Keep your best interests and your future in mind and ensure you have proper legal representation every step of the way, for your own sake.