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\nDog bites and other animal attacks can cause serious injuries to people of all ages. A dog bite injury can result in permanent scarring and, in some situations, the need for future medical treatment such as plastic surgery. If you or your child has sustained a dog bite injury, you may be entitled to seek compensation for your losses. Allen & Associates, PLC can discuss your dog bite injury claim, identify occurrences of strict liability and negligence and pursue compensation on your behalf.\n\nCall Allen & Associates, PLC at 480-899-1025 to schedule your free consultation with a lawyer. You may also fill out a contact form and someone from our firm will be in touch with you promptly.\n

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\nAttorney Jamal F. Allen is experienced in the causes of action that can be used to bring forward injury claims and the statutes of limitation. Dog bite claims can be brought under two causes of action. One cause of action is called “strict liability”. Strict liability refers to an owner’s responsibility over his or her dog. In Arizona, dogs are not allowed one “free bite”―when a dog bites someone, the owner is responsible. A strict liability claim against a dog owner must be filed within one year.\n\nNegligence refers to a property owner’s negligence in controlling a dog that has previously bitten. A dog with a prior bite is said to have a vicious propensity. The plaintiff may be entitled to punitive damages. Claims must be filed within two years.\n\nIn addition to representing victims of dog bites and pit bull attacks, Allen & Associates, PLC represents people who have been injured by cat attacks and exotic animals such as monkeys, alligators and snakes.\n

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