How to Handle a School Bus Accident in Arizona

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If your child has been in a school bus accident, you may be a bit shaken up. Hopefully, all of the children are OK. However, if they are injured, it’s especially important that you protect them legally so that all options are available in the event of a lawsuit. Here are the first four steps you should take to protect your family after a school bus accident in Arizona.

Call the Police Immediately and Do Not Talk to Others

In the moments after a school bus accident, there’s a lot of chaos, fear, and speculation. The school bus driver may be injured, upset and unable to think clearly. Call the police immediately and ensure the children are in a safe and secure location.The bus driver and employer have additional reporting requirements according to Arizona Department of Transportation. Therefore, you shouldn’t participate in any other conversations including making statements to an insurance adjuster or reporter. Unfortunately, anything you say – even “It’s OK.” – can be used against you in a legal case.

Get Your Child’s Statement in Writing

It’s very important to know exactly what happened in the accident, and memories can be misleading – especially in children. Get your child’s entire account of the school bus accident written down as soon as possible. If you witnessed the accident, write down your account as well. These written accounts will be helpful for law enforcement, and they will help tell the whole story of the school bus accident if you find yourself in court.

Contact an Attorney

You’ll need a good attorney who can advise you of your rights and ensure that you explore all legal recourse available to you. This is especially important if your child was injured in the school bus accident.A variety of people and agencies can be considered at fault for a school bus accident, including the bus driver, the school district, the school bus company or even the school bus manufacturer. You’ll need a good attorney to make sure that your rights and compensation options are protected.

Keep Every Receipt of Related Expenses

Be sure to keep a record of every expense, both medical and non-medical. Things to keep track of include medical expenses, home health care, tutoring to make up for time missed from school and transportation costs.Having your child involved in a school bus accident is frightening, but by following these four steps you can protect yourself and your family in case of a lawsuit. For more information about personal injury cases and to find a local Arizona lawyer, visit us at our website.