Motor Vehicle Accident Caused by a Recall

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What Happens When There is a Motor Vehicle Accident Involving a Car with a Recall?

What happens when a manufacturer builds a product that passes all tests and releases it to the general public for purchasing? While most companies have no problems with the products they release, sometimes there can be unseen glitches. Something may pass unnoticed during testing, or a fault may be detected once the product is released, which may cause a huge risk to the consumers.The same happens to motor vehicles. A faulty car can cause injury or even death in a split second. Arizona has recorded a number of accidents that have been caused by recalled cars that were not taken for repair.In 2015, there was a 15% increase over 2014 for people who died in motor-vehicle accidents. Sadly, this is also the highest total since 2008. And interestingly, the largest recall happened when nearly 34 million cars were recalled because they had faulty air bags which were exploding, putting the driver and front seat passenger at risk. Although there are many causes of motor vehicle accidents, some of them have been caused by cars that had been recalled.

Why Do Motor Vehicle Recalls Happen?

The word “recall” can bring up feelings of fear and anxiety for some people. Recalls can happen for anything that you can buy.  A recall means a problem in the manufacturing process has been identified, that poses a danger to whoever has that type of car model. Recalls can be initiated by the car manufacturer or by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration once they notice something is wrong.When a recall occurs, the registered owner of the recalled car or car part will receive a written notification of the recall and instructions on how to resolve the problem. With the increase in car accidents, it is critical to repair a car that has been subject to recall. Not following the directions to remedy the recall and continuing to drive the motor vehicle is putting everyone on the road, including the driver, in a potentially unsafe and perhaps deadly situation.

What Typically Happens To Rectify a Motor Vehicle Recall?

  • Repair-for small and easy defects
  • Replace-change the defective part
  • Refund- done for car recalls that have massive defects

Why Do Motor Vehicle Recalls Typically Happen?

A recall happens when there is a defect that is safety-related to the vehicle or equipment, or when an entire vehicle doesn’t meet the standards set by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard. The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard sets requirements for minimum performance of each car part so that they ensure safety to driver and passengers, or even in the event of a crash, to prevent injury or death.

What Are Some Typical Auto Parts that Can Cause a Car to be Recalled?

  • Defective steering components
  • Defective fuel system components
  • Defective accelerator pedals
  • Cracks on the wheels
  • Defective engine cooling fans
  • Defective windshield wipers
  • Wiring system that may result in a fire or loss while lighting
  • Defective air bags
  • Defective seat belts

Once a recall is made, car owners are contacted directly by the manufacturer with the recall information. It is important to know about your rights regarding motor vehicle recalls. It might even be possible to file a lawsuit and receive compensation if injuries were sustained due to the defect before car owners were notified of the recall.It is also extremely important to comply with the recall instructions as it can often prevent injury or death. If a motor vehicle owner ignores the recall and is subsequently involved in an accident, the intentional decision not to remedy the recall issue can potentially create legal problems for the motor vehicle owner.  Insurance companies may deny claims, citing negligence if an accident occurs and the main cause is the failed component that was to be repaired. It is not wise at all to ignore the recall just because you think your car is fine.It is important to comply with recalls to avoid driving an unsafe automobile for safety reasons, and legal reasons. Even if the car seems to drive perfectly fine, it is important to heed the recall no matter what inconveniences it will cause at that particular moment.If you’re in a motor vehicle accident caused by a recall, call us today or click here for a quick case analysis.