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Since 1996, the law firm of Allen & Associates has represented the victims of serious injuries. Truck accident victims are no exception. As the most trusted tractor trailer accident lawyer in the greater Phoenix metro area, we have helped hundreds of clients with legal representation and advice.

If you have sustained a serious injury or have lost a loved one in a fatal semi truck or delivery vehicle accident, our tractor trailer accident lawyer services at Allen & Associates can provide you the legal guidance you need. Our firm provides dedicated legal representation to people who have sustained serious injuries through the negligence of truck drivers and trucking companies, and other motorists. We are committed to obtaining fair compensation on your behalf. If you have been involved in a truck-related crash, the time to seek legal help is now. Call the most experienced tractor trailer accident lawyer near you today at (480) 899-1025 to schedule your free consultation.

Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyer Arizona

Information About Truck Accidents

We depend on the trucking industry for commerce. In the United States alone, trucks move over 10.5 billion tons of freight every year. 3.5 million truck drivers work in the industry across the country. With all those trucks on the road, the potential for accidents is very great. As the leading tractor trailer accident lawyer in the state of Arizona, founding attorney Jamal F. Allen and our legal team have helped represent truckers who were injured in crashes.

Trucking, by its nature, can be a dangerous industry. Tractor trailers and semi trucks are heavy and do not have the maneuverability of a car or light truck. Congested streets, inattentive drivers, poor road conditions: all of these factors contribute to hundreds, if not thousands, of truck-related accidents each year. A moment’s inattention, such as a motorist using a cellphone or changing the radio station, can create dangerous conditions leading to a crash. Poorly-maintained streets and overpasses are another huge source of accidents. Because semi trucks are taller than other road vehicles, they need more clearance when passing under bridges and overpasses. The failure to label overpass heights with appropriate signs can cause trucks to become damaged as they pass under. These kinds of accidents can lead to serious injuries or even deaths.

The law firm of Allen & Associates has helped thousands of clients with personal injury cases. Among those cases, we have worked with truckers injured on the job. The actions, inaction, carelessness, or negligence of another person can lead to serious injuries. As the most experienced tractor trailer accident lawyer in our area, we have represented injured truck drivers since 1996.

What Does a Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyer Do?

Allen & Associates has provided expert tractor trailer accident lawyer services for over two decades. In that time, we have received many questions from new clients. What does an semi truck accident attorney do?  The answer has two parts: we provide legal representation to our clients, and we also provide legal advice and guidance. These are both closely related, and are part of our caring, compassionate service to those injured in truck-related accidents.

Injured victims of truck accidents may be entitled to significant financial compensation. This is particularly true if the injuries resulted from the actions, carelessness, or negligence of someone else. In a crash, there are many factors at play. It can be difficult to piece together what happened and who is responsible. We have many years of experience representing clients injured in semi truck crashes, and know what it takes to give our clients the best legal service available.

A truck accident attorney has the resources to fully investigate and understand the cause of commercial truck accidents. We frequently rely upon findings obtained by accident reconstruction specialists. These experts are able to piece together evidence such as tire skid marks, crash impact on vehicles, and witness statements to gain a clear understanding of the accident’s cause.Whether the truck accident was caused by driver negligence, poor maintenance or some other factor, our firm can identify the responsible party or parties. Often, truck accidents result in serious, life-altering injuries. Our tractor trailer accident lawyer attends to insurance issues and property damage issues and provides vigorous legal help to people who have sustained the following:

Serious truck accidents may lead to injuries resulting in the death of the injury victim. For specific information on our wrongful death attorney services, visit our information page here.

I’ve Been Injured in a Truck Crash. Can You Help?

If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck crash, you are sure to have many questions. The trusted tractor trailer accident lawyer at Allen & Associates is skilled at helping injury victims get the answers they need. By providing great legal representation and legal advice, we have helped thousands of injury victims receive compensation for their injuries.

Our goal at Allen & Associates is to protect the rights of our clients. This is especially important when injuries have occurred by someone else’s carelessness or inattention. In many injury cases, the injured person or his or her family will file a lawsuit against those responsible for the crash. The lawsuits are designed to recover financial compensation for the injuries incurred in the crash.

Our skilled legal team represents clients through all phases of a semi truck crash case. Not all cases make it to trial; in fact, quite a few lawsuits reach a settlement. If we are able to settle with the responsible parties, rest assured that we won’t rest until our clients have received the maximum compensation possible.  If a case does go to trial, we are ready with aggressive legal strategies to help ensure that our clients win. Our tractor trailer accident attorney represents clients in:

  • Pre-trial hearings
  • Law enforcement investigations of the accident
  • Settlement hearings
  • Courtroom trials
  • Negotiating with insurance companies, trucking companies, and municipal authorities
  • Appeals

If you have been injured in a truck crash and have wondered “is there a trusted tractor trailer accident lawyer near me?”, Allen & Associates is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Personalized Legal Help You Can Count On

When we first established our law firm in 1996, our legal team wanted to help clients to the best of our abilities. Now, over 20 years later, the law firm of Allen & Associates has earned a reputation as the most caring and most experienced tractor trailer accident lawyer in the Phoenix area of Arizona.

We have found that by personalizing our legal services, we can help clients more effectively. Those injured in crashes due to negligence or carelessness of someone else may have many concerns, such as:

  • Who will pay for my medical bills?
  • What are my rights under the law?
  • Who is responsible for the crash and my injuries?
  • Can I file a lawsuit?

We take the time to answer any questions you may have. We also provide expert legal advice and guidance. When you choose our experienced semi truck accident attorneys, you’re getting the very best legal representation available in our area. Injury victims may be entitled to financial compensation designed to offset the costs associated with lost wages, expensive medical bills, and pain and suffering. We fight for you to get you the maximum compensation you deserve as an injury victim.

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Trucking accidents can lead to long-term injury treatment and the loss of income due to the inability to work. They may even lead to death. Our tractor trailer accident lawyer can help. The legal team at Allen & Associates can help you file  lawsuits arising from trucking accidents. This includes wrongful death suits. We understand the difficulty that injuries bring to you and your your family, and we are dedicated to meeting your legal needs. We can help you obtain compensation for economic and non-economic losses through a  claim while honoring the life of your loved one. Our firm has worked with clients throughout the Phoenix area, including the communities of Chandler, Glendale, Goodyear, Scottsdale, and Queen Creek. Call the trusted tractor trailer accident lawyer at Allen & Associates today by dialing (480) 899-1025 to set up your free, no-obligation initial consultation.