What Phone Calls Should You Ignore While Driving?

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Gone are the days of bulky car phones and pulling over to use a pay phone. With cell phones and built in communication devices in cars, it’s easy for calls to come in and out of any vehicle. Of course, having this ability does not always mean you should use it. Phone calls are very distracting and can lead to injuries, accidents, and the need for a personal injury attorney or accident attorney.In most cases, you probably do not need to take a phone call while driving. There’s no need to speak to a telemarketer or someone similar while you’re on the road, so if you do not recognize a number, go ahead and ignore it.

What If It’s An Important Phone Call?

Even if it’s a family member or friend calling, you should probably go ahead and ignore it. An accident attorney will tell you that no phone call is worth risking your life or that of someone else on the road, and having to set up a structured settlement or litigate a court case can be costly!Boss calling? Ignore that, too. Even if it’s a Phoenix DUI attorney or another important call, don’t pick up.You might wonder why a personal injury attorney would advise you to ignore incoming calls while you’re driving, but the answer is simple. As long as your cell phone is set up with voicemail, you can always hear a message that someone chooses to leave for you. It’s a matter of pulling over to a safe location, coming to a complete stop, and listening to your messages. Or, pull over and call the person back right away. You won’t miss out on anything but you’ll be safe, and won’t need an accident attorney or structured settlement to solve your problems.

Other Safety Measures To Avoid Distracted Driving

You should advise the people who are likely to call you that you will not accept phone calls while driving. If you explain your safety concerns, and the fact that you will get back to them as soon as it’s safely possible, they should understand.A Phoenix DUI attorney, accident attorney, personal injury attorney or other legal professional experienced in distracted driving structured settlement quotes can tell you just how costly it is to pick up an unnecessary phone call and cause a collision. Hang up, and focus on driving!