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We love dogs as much as anyone, but we also know that they do bite sometimes. In fact, even the friendliest toy poodle has the potential to do significant harm, particularly if the victim is a young child and especially if the injuries affect the face or hands. What’s more, a dog bite can do more than physical harm… it can also take a significant bite out of your savings account. At Allen Law, we aren’t afraid to bite back. We represent adults and children who have been bitten by dogs in Arizona. Our dog bite lawyer, Jamal Allen, brings compassion, integrity, and skill to each case, doing whatever it takes to help you get the compensation you need. Based in Phoenix, we proudly serve locals and tourists alike throughout Arizona, including Chandler, Mesa, and Tempe.

Arizona’s Dog Bite Laws Are on Your Side

In many states, dog owners essentially get a free pass the first time their pups bite someone. Then, anyone bitten after the first victim has the right to sue. Fortunately, this isn’t the case in Arizona. Here, our dog bite lawyer can file a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf even if the dog never showed any signs of violence in the past.

This holds true even if you’ve previously interacted with the dog without a problem, and even if you’re a dog training expert. The only defense a dog owner has is if the victim was unlawfully trespassing and/or had provoked the dog. (And even this is often difficult for dog owners to prove.) However, in order to preserve your legal rights, there are a few things you need to do right away after an attack.

Steps to Take Immediately
After a Dog Attacks

Obviously, the first course of action is to protect yourself. Try to get away from the dog, if you can, or at the very least place an object (like a trashcan or even a handbag) between yourself and the dog. Once the attack is over and you are safe, here’s what you need to do:

1) Talk to a Doctor

Even a seemingly minor dog bite is a big deal. A dog’s mouth isn’t terribly clean, and infections are common. Always get evaluated at urgent care or the ER ASAP after a dog attacks you. Your health is important. Plus, the medical records will substantiate your legal claim.

2) Call Jamal at Allen Law

After you’ve taken care of yourself, it’s time to call Allen & Associates. Seriously. This is not the time to procrastinate, as there are strict deadlines to follow. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can ensure your legal rights are protected.

3) Report the Bite

The exact procedures depend on your jurisdiction, but in general, you will need to report the bite to animal control. For instance, if you were bitten in Phoenix, you must report the bite to the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control (MCACC) department. MCACC will request details on the dog, such as its breed, color, size, and distinguishing characteristics. Then, MCACC will investigate.

4) Keep Track of your Expenses

While MCACC is doing their thing and Allen & Associates is doing ours, we will need you to keep track of all of your bite-related expenses. These include medical expenses, pharmacy co-pays, lost time at work, damaged property (if applicable), and so on. We’ll need your records to help you pursue every penny you’re due.

What If My Dog Attacks Someone?

If you’re the owner of a dog who attacked someone, you’re legally obligated to report the incident to a county enforcement agent.  We recommend calling our law office first, as we can advise you of your rights and legal responsibilities.


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