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Has your child recently been injured through the negligence or action of another person? Many younger people move to Arizona to start families. Because children can be more vulnerable to injury than others, injured children require a strong legal advocate who understands family law. Allen & Associates is the most trusted child injury lawyer in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area of the state. Our talented legal professionals can use family law effectively to help our clients recover fair and just compensation for their injuries. At Allen & Associates, we help children who have been injured in all types of accidents.  Our law firm was established in 1996, and over the past 20 years we have represented thousands of clients in personal injury cases. Even though most cases are settled through vigorous negotiation, we prepare every case for a courtroom trial. Contact the experienced child injury attorney near you at Allen & Associates today by dialing (480) 899-1025. Our representatives will schedule your free initial consultation.

Child Injury Attorney Arizona

What You Need to Know About Child Injuries

Under Arizona state and many local laws, children are not held to the same standards of conduct as adults because of their lack of experience. To compensate for their inexperience, the law imposes a duty on adults to anticipate a child’s unintended behavior. For example, when a child darts into traffic, he or she may be hit by a vehicle driven by a distracted driver. Even though the child was not behaving in a safe manner, the driver of the vehicle has an important responsibility. The adult has a duty to anticipate the presence of children and be ready to respond if a child appears unexpectedly, regardless of the circumstances. The child injury attorney services at Allen & Associates are designed to protect the rights of children injured in any type of situation. We provide expert legal representation and advice to families of children who are injured, even if that child may have been behaving in a potentially unsafe manner.

What Child Injury Cases Can You Handle?

As the leading child injury attorney in the greater Phoenix area, Allen & Associates has helped families for over 20 years. We have years of experience in representing children in a wide variety of injury cases, including:

Prior to establishing his private practice in 1996, founding attorney Jamal F. Allen worked as a prosecutor for the Maricopa County court system. He and our entire legal team has the knowledge and the skill needed to represent children injured in any type of injury case. Regardless of the circumstances behind the injury, you may be entitled to significant financial compensation. This is especially true if a child’s injury was caused by the action, inaction, or negligence of another person. In the most serious injury cases, permanent disability or even death can result. These injuries can have a devastating impact on the victim and his or her family. Allen & Associates provides compassionate legal services to our many clients.

My Child Has Been Injured. How Can Allen & Associates Help?

At Allen & Associates, we know that children can be at risk of injury at any time. Children are very active, and sometimes those children act in ways that increases their chances of receiving an injury. Injury claims come in all forms. As the most trusted child injury attorney in our part of Arizona, we have represented thousands of clients in personal injury cases.

By providing expert legal representation and advice, we can help families of child injury victims recover compensation or damages as a result of injury. No matter if the injury was from a slip and fall, a car crash, or the carelessness of another, our law firm can help. Childhood injuries can be very serious or even life-threatening. We know that the young victims of these injuries are scared, and that their families have many questions. Our primary goal as a provider of leading child injury attorney services is to put our clients at ease. We answer questions and concerns, such as:

  • What are my child’s rights?
  • Who is liable for my child’s injury?
  • How will we pay medical bills?
  • Is there an experienced child injury attorney near me?
  • Does my child have a case for a lawsuit?

Aggressive representation in court as well as expert legal advice — these are the ways that Allen & Associates fights for you, our most valuable resource.  Our team  often consults with life-care experts and economists to calculate the total costs of medical care now and in the future, as well as any losses due to permanent injuries. Our legal team will explore all available insurance coverage, additional costs such as psychological counseling, as well as pain and suffering when structuring our compensation demand.We are here to help make sure your child is compensated for his or her injuries. That can include helping structure the settlement as a per diem or an annuity to be paid over time.  Also, we ensure that the compensation cannot be withdrawn early unless the court approves. Finally, we believe that no matter what age you are, you deserve knowledgeable representation from a personal injury lawyer who is dedicated to serving your needs. Our firm has built its reputation on our caring child injury attorney services.

What Does a Child Injury Attorney Do?

A child injury attorney has two major responsibilities. First, we represent injury victims in legal hearings and court cases. Secondly, we provide legal advice and answer any questions the injury victim or family may have.  Since 1996, the law firm of Allen & Associates has helped thousands of injury victims. We have built a reputation of success, both inside and out of the courtroom.

Many injury cases are settled before they ever reach a courtroom trial. These settlements often award financial compensation to a victim for the injuries he or she suffered. If a lawsuit does to to trial, our legal team is ready to help. Our child injury attorney experts represent victims through all phases of a case, including:

  • Pre-trial hearings
  • Settlements
  • Filing of claims
  • Courtroom trials
  • Appeals

Child injury cases can take many forms. Because these cases can be extremely challenging, our law firm may use expert witnesses to help us as we prepare for court. These experts, including medical professionals, law enforcement officials, and personal injury specialists, are a key component to many cases. Allen & Associates handles the sourcing and testimony of witnesses, helping our clients recover the maximum financial compensation they are entitled to.

This financial compensation is designed to cover medical expenses as well as pain and suffering of the child victim. Many injuries result in long-term medical treatment, and this continued care can be very expensive. If your child has been injured in an accident, you know that you or your spouse may have lost income due to caring for your injured child. The family may be entitled to compensation to cover lost wages and other expenses.

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Childhood is an exciting time in a person’s life. Unfortunately, active children involved in sports and other outdoor activities may sometimes receive injuries. The carelessness or negligence of another person, often an adult, are other leading causes of childhood injury. As the most trusted child injury attorney in the greater Phoenix area, the law firm of Allen & Associates has represented thousands of clients in personal injury claims. We believe our clients deserve the very best in legal representation and legal advice. If your child has been injured in any way, call Allen & Associates today at (480) 899-1025 to speak with one of our firm’s representatives. We can help you determine whether or not you have a case. Best of all, our initial consultation is free and there is never an obligation. Call today!