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The issue of domestic violence is an incredibly complicated one. The parties involved are filled with emotion, and accusations fly. The law firm of Allen & Associates has been representing those charged with domestic violence crimes since 1996. Over twenty years of experience has made us the leading domestic violence attorney in the greater Phoenix metro area. We specialize in criminal law, and our legal team has the knowledge and skill to represent our clients both in and out of court. If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, there is no time to waste. For a domestic violence attorney near you, call Allen & Associates today at (480) 899-1025. You will be able to discuss your case with a representative from our firm. We are proud to provide free initial consultations for those who call.

Domestic Violence Attorney

Information About Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic violence is defined as “the inflicting of physical injury by one family or household member on another.” In the United States, 20 people are abused by an intimate partner, family member, or spouse every hour. This is roughly 10 million people every year who experience some form of domestic abuse.

Abusers can have many different relationships to victims. As the most trusted domestic violence attorney in our area, our law firm has seen many variations of domestic abuse claims. Domestic violence cases can include:

  • Parents abusing their children
  • Girlfriends abusing their boyfriends
  • Husbands abusing their wives
  • Wives abusing husbands
  • Children abusing grandparents or live-in caregivers
  • Stepchildren abused by step-parents
  • Current or former domestic partners involved in an abuse claim

A domestic violence situation can strike at any time. Whether it is male/female violence, male/male violence, or female/female violence, a domestic violence charge is a serious matter.

When the police are called to a domestic dispute, someone is getting arrested. In many states, law enforcement officials are required by law to arrest one of the participants in a dispute. The police have only minutes to investigate a 911 call, and sometimes their decision to arrest one or more of the parties is made in seconds of arriving at the scene. Unfortunately, men are more likely to be arrested, even if they did not initiate violence against someone else. As the leading domestic violence attorney in the Phoenix area of Arizona, the law firm of Allen & Associates has represented thousands of clients since 1996. In many of the cases we have handled, our clients may have been wrongfully accused by the police.

What Does a Domestic Violence Attorney Do?

As a former prosecutor for Maricopa County, founding attorney Jamal F. Allen has in-depth knowledge of the procedures involved in the criminal justice system. So, he truly understands what the prosecution must do to build a case, and exactly what must be done to defend his clients. Since 1996, when Mr. Allen first established his private practice, he has represented those charged with or accused of domestic abuse crimes.

Our law firm provides two major services to our many clients: legal representation and legal advice. First, Allen & Associates provides the most competent domestic violence attorney near me services in the Phoenix metro area. This includes legal representation throughout every phase of our clients’ cases. Our goal is to keep our clients out of jail. We do that by preparing aggressive criminal defenses using our extensive knowledge and experience. If we are able to, a favorable case outcome is to have charges dismissed. If charges cannot be dropped, we do everything we can to reduce or eliminate the penalties you may face as a criminal defendant. Our work as the premier domestic violence attorney serves to preserve your freedom and protect your rights.

Our legal team represents clients:

  • During law enforcement investigations
  • At pre-trial hearings
  • During the courtroom trial itself
  • At penalty hearings
  • During appeals

Every step of the way, you can count on the experience and skill of the finest domestic violence attorney in the state of Arizona. Allen & Associates has developed a fantastic track record of success, both inside and out of the courtroom.

I’ve Been Charged with Domestic Violence. Can You Help?

In any domestic abuse case, a court conviction will have long-term implications if you are convicted of an offense You can be prohibited from owning a firearm under federal law and state laws, and your career, reputation and name may be tarnished. You could lose professional licenses. You could lose your job. And, you could face long jail terms and steep fines.

Allen & Associates provides the leading domestic violence attorney services in southwest Arizona. Domestic violence cases can take many forms; those charged by the police may be subject to any number of additional charges. This can include charges for:

  • Simple assault
  • Assault
  • Aggravated assault
  • Assault with weapon
  • Guns and weapons charges
  • Battery
  • Violation of restraining order
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Criminal damage
  • Disturbing the peace
  • Fighting or seriously disruptive behavior
  • Stalking

Domestic violence may fall under the blanket term of violent crimes. For details about our Violent Crime Attorney services, visit our information page.

If you or a loved one has been charged by the police, you need legal help immediately. Our team of legal experts is ready to lend you a hand when you need it most. Domestic violence cases are emotionally damaging and can be very frustrating for perpetrator and victim alike. The most important thing to understand about our law firm is that we simply won’t assume you are guilty. We value our clients, and we believe that they deserve our respect along with the best legal advice available.

Legal Help and Advice You Can Trust

At Allen & Associates, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide great legal assistance to those charged with crimes. After all, we are the most trusted domestic violence attorney in our area.

We know that our clients have many questions and concerns when they are charged with domestic assault crimes or other violent crimes. By taking the time to listen to each client, we can prepare a robust criminal defense. A conviction for a domestic violence charge may result in severe penalties, such as:

  • Prison sentences
  • Loss of rights
  • House arrest
  • Anger management intervention
  • Steep fines and restitution to the victim(s)
  • Probation
  • Loss of reputation

Let our 20+ years of experience work in your favor. By protecting your rights and preserving your freedom, we can help you get back on track. Many domestic violence charges come from wrongful accusations or inadequate police investigation. Don’t let these errors ruin your life and your reputation. The law offices of Allen & Associates are ready to help.

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Since 1996, the law firm of Allen & Associates has represented clients in criminal cases. We have worked with residents of communities like Gilbert, Scottsdale, Sun City, Buckeye, Peoria, and Glendale. As the most respected domestic violence attorney in the Phoenix area, we have earned a reputation for aggressive defense and outstanding client care. Domestic violence charges can be extremely serious, and in some cases, these charges may be brought against innocent victims. If you or someone you love has been charged by the police in a domestic dispute, you have only a short time to get legal help. Call the experienced domestic violence attorney at Allen & Associates today. Dial (480) 899-1025 to speak with one of our firm’s representatives. We offer free, no-obligation initial consultations. Domestic violence charges can ruin your life without competent legal assistance. Allen & Associates is ready to help you.