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Traffic violations are often the result of a moment’s inattention or misjudgment. Speeding, rolling through a stop sign or bumping a parked car and then driving away — these are all common occurrences. Unfortunately, even a minor traffic ticket can have serious and expensive consequences for you.If you are one of the many people who has a traffic violation pending against them, contact Allen & Associates, PLC today to schedule your free consultation. Our firm has extensive experience addressing the technical and the legal components of any type of traffic violation.

Trust an Experienced Attorney With Your Traffic Violation Defense – Chandler Criminal Defense

Jamal F. Allen has handled traffic violation cases throughout his legal career, both as a prosecutor and a defense attorney. Our law firm understands how the arrests occur, and we understand how to build a strong defense on your behalf including when these incident occurs as part of a car accident.We encourage you to seek help from an attorney who can stand up for your rights. We will also quote you a fee that is less than many other firms in Phoenix. We represent clients charged with all types of traffic violations such as:

Allen & Associates, PLC charges a flat fee for traffic violation defense. We charge separate pre-trial and trial fees. The vast majority of people who want to defend a traffic or speeding ticket will not need to go to trial. However, if a trial becomes necessary to your defense, Mr. Allen will not hesitate to take aggressive action on your behalf.Our firm understands that these incidents can happen to anyone. Contact us today to take an important step toward protecting your rights.