Rear-end Collisions: Proving Your Case

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Any car accident can be difficult to prove, relying on witnesses and vehicle damage to tell the whole story. In order to avoid having to pay compensation or insurance charges, the at-fault party or his or her lawyer may try to show that your car was not actually damaged in a rear-end collision, or that you were not injured. This is why it is important to connect with a Mesa injury attorney and/or auto accident law firm right away following a rear-end collision, so you can start documenting evidence that will support your claim.

Establishing Your Defense

In a car accident case a top criminal attorney will focus on who was negligent. Usually, if you were the person whose car was crashed into from behind, the evidence will show that the other party is at fault. Your auto accident law firm can confirm this through documentation like police reports, which can involve admissions of negligence or careless driving. This goes a long way in helping your Mesa injury attorney prove your case, so make sure you get a copy of any police records about your accident.A top criminal attorney also knows that in rear-end collision cases, the damage often tells the whole story. Your auto accident law firm will look for the simple proof of the back of your vehicle suffering damage while the other party’s vehicle has front-end damage. This puts the other driver at fault, although he or she may be filing a claim against another driver who had a role in the accident, such as a driver who caused you to stop suddenly, or another vehicle that pushed the cars into one another.

Gathering Proof

Your Mesa injury attorney will want to know if your car was in functional condition prior to the rear-end collision, as things like malfunctioning lights and signals can show that you were negligent to a degree, which will have an effect on your case.In terms of injuries, you should keep any medical records and make sure you visit a doctor for examination following a car accident, as injuries can turn up later and you will want to have documentation showing that you did seek medical care as soon as possible. This helps in recovering personal injury compensation, so make sure you take care of your health.