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Jamal Allen, our criminal defense attorney wins cases.

We solve criminal defense problems for a fee.  We are extremely good.  Once you hire us, our mission is to win.  If you are serious, and know you need the services of a seasoned, private, criminal defense lawyer, then call now to schedule a consultation.  Mr. Allen has over 27 years of experience and is committed to understanding your charges, issues and defenses. 

Your liberty deserves the services we consistently provide.

Our Approach to Criminal Cases

Allen Law is not like any other law firms.  We achieve remarkable results for patient people pained with problems. We work with real people who have real problems, and want to find solutions. Our law office is staffed by people who genuinely care about you and your situation. You’ll never be handed off to a junior staff member—you’ll always have direct access to your criminal defense attorney.

We go the extra mile for our clients. Literally. When some of our clients have had transportation difficulties, we’ve transported them to their court dates to help them avoid worse trouble. Furthermore, we work on figuring out the underlying issues that lead to legal trouble so you can avoid problems in the future. Proactive, strategic planning wins cases.

We are committed to doing whatever it (legally) takes to keep our clients out of jail. We know what it takes to make tough charges go away.

Turn to Allen Law for All Types of Criminal Charges

We work collaboratively with clients to help them reach workable legal solutions to criminal charges. And did we mention we work on a flat-fee basis? No surprise fees and no hourly rates—we promise. Some of the most common types of cases we work on throughout Arizonan courthouses include the following:

Drug and Alcohol Offenses

Arizona has pretty strict DUI and possession of dangerous drugs laws, but our Phoenix DUI lawyer knows how to work his magic in and out of the courtroom to help you get a dismissal or a reduction in charges.

Cannabis Cases

Weed may be legal in Arizona now, but there are still limitations. You can’t purchase over a certain amount, transfer weed to minors, or drive under the influence. We are proud to be a 420-friendly law firm. Our motto is: “We’re the best joint to take your case—hit it.”  

Setting Aside (Expunging) a Criminal Record

Technically, Arizona doesn’t have expungement except for the wrongfully convicted. However, it may be possible to “set aside” your criminal record. This means your criminal conviction will still be on your record, but anyone looking at it will also see that it’s been set aside. In other words, you’ve satisfied all conditions of probation, the conviction was vacated, and the penalties were dismissed. It’s possible to have both misdemeanors and most felonies set aside.

Domestic Violence

We know that misunderstandings can lead to domestic violence charges—even if no punches were thrown and no one was physically hurt. Regardless of the situation, your voice will be heard at Allen Law.

Violent Crimes

Any situation in which someone was injured or allegedly threatened with a weapon is classified as a violent crime. Our criminal defense attorney defends accused individuals from all types of violent crimes—from simple assault to homicide. Our law firm is small enough to provide a personable touch, yet large enough to offer considerable investigative resources.

White Collar Crimes

Allen Law has built a reputation for excellence in white collar defense. In fact, other law firms often refer their clients to us. Whether it’s money laundering or racketeering charges, we have the know-how to launch a vigorous defense. In addition, we’re adept at handling parallel proceedings—cases that have both a criminal and civil component.

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