The sudden death of a loved one can seem like an impossible situation—something that you can’t wrap your head around. And you may be filled with uncertainties and questions. How could this have happened? Could this have been prevented? Whose fault is it? And how are you going to pay the bills now? In times like this, you need an ally on your side—someone who will guide you through the process and be there with you through thick and thin. Allen Law’s Phoenix wrongful death lawyer, Jamal Allen, is here to listen to you and help you make sense of what has happened.

Understanding Wrongful Death

In truth, every death feels wrongful, no matter how it occurred. But under the letter of the law, a “wrongful death” is legally defined as one that occurs because of someone’s wrongful neglect or action. For example, if someone runs a red light and hits your loved one’s car, killing him or her, that is a wrongful death. A wrongful death may also arise as a result of a crime, such as an assault or arson. If you suspect that your loved one’s death may be someone else’s fault, you need to contact our Phoenix wrongful death lawyer promptly so that we can investigate and hold the negligent person accountable for their actions.

Are You Eligible to File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

Under Arizona law, only certain individuals are able to file a wrongful death lawsuit. When you schedule your free consult with our Phoenix wrongful death lawyer, we’ll carefully review your situation to determine your eligibility. In general, you may consider filing a lawsuit if any of the following apply:

Note that multiple parties may be named as plaintiffs in the lawsuit. If the plaintiff is a minor child, the child’s legal guardians will be named as plaintiffs on his or her behalf.

Figuring Out the Money Situation

We understand it’s pretty much impossible to put a dollar figure on a person’s life. Your loved one is irreplaceable and asking for a specific dollar amount seems crass. But on the practical side of things, you’ve got bills to pay, and now that your loved one is gone, it’s even harder to take care of yourself and your family. We’ll fight for every penny you deserve because not only should you be able to take care of your family, you’ll also want to hold the negligent person responsible for their actions. Here’s what we can demand with a wrongful death lawsuit:

Economic damages

These are objectively calculable losses stemming from your loved one’s death. They include funeral and burial expenses, medical bills (if your loved one was treated before death), property damage reimbursement if applicable, and the decedent’s loss of future earning capacity.

Non-economic damages

These are subjective and difficult to calculate. They are the intangibles—the love and affection of your loved one, and your own emotional pain and suffering.

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